fruit dietA fig tree is one of one of the most old plants which is grown for over 5,000 years. It is among one of the most taken in fruit worldwide. Figs are eaten in fresh, dried as well as canned form. This uncommon product has a tart pleasant preference and great deals of useful residential properties. The fruit includes organic acids, tannins, healthy proteins, fats.

Figs enhance the problem of the kidneys, tummy, as well as function as a diuretic. Figs are rich in potassium, so it is very valuable to utilize them in illness of the cardio system. They soothe tension from the capillary, make them relax and increase them. Additionally, figs contain the enzyme ficin. Due to this, the fruit lowers blood clot, advertises the resorption of vascular thrombus. Hence, fig plays an essential function in the prevention of high blood pressure and is valuable in venous insufficiency.

Caloric content of figs is only 49 kcal per 100 grams of item. It is necessary to keep in mind that figs can be made use of to fight obese. In this case, it has to do with the preparation of infusions, compotes, fasting days.

Overeating is just one of the factors of weight problems. We commonly rush from the benefit lunch, being extremely starving. In this situation, it is advised to consume numerous figs prior to meals. The fact is that figs include a great deal of ballast substances that are able to obstruct the sensation of hunger.

Figs likewise have a bunch of fiber, which aids the microorganism to manage with the incoming food as well as digest it quickly. Make figs an irreversible component of your menu and also you will certainly never ever have issues with irregular bowels movements. Nutritionists advise eating figs before bedtime, as well as therefore change the dinner, in order not to eat way too much as well as not to worry intestinal tract at night.

This is a wonderful product for effective weight loss. Given that it dulls hunger, it will certainly help you to stay with a diet or replace some products, such as sweets. Its components actively interact with the setting in the intestinal tract, so do not be afraid of the possibility of indigestion after eating.