fruit dietYogurt diet plan for slimming lasts for 10 days, throughout this time around you can shed up to 6 kg of excess weight. The essence of this diet plan is to eat 500 grams of organic yogurt a day – for breakfast, lunch, mid-day treat and dinner.

Yogurt has carbohydrates, proteins and fats, so the microorganism can endure such a regime of nourishment – there is no deficit of these materials throughout the regard of the diet.

You need to drink a couple of sips of warmer tea before each dish, as well as only then consume your section of yogurt. In order to shed calories in time, make a supper at the very least 3,5 – 4 hrs prior to bedtime.

In addition to yogurt, it is enabled to drink black as well as eco-friendly tea, mineral water and also juices. Obviously, all this should not consist of sugar. Vitamin doping throughout the yogurt diet regimen is absolutely necessary. It is suggested to choose the pomegranate, orange, grapefruit, cherry as well as apple juice and consume them between meals.

The most helpful of them is certainly pomegranate juice. It is necessary to keep in mind that it is absolutely had to be watered down with cool boiled water in a proportion of 1:2, as a result of excessive acid which could ruin tooth enamel and also stomach mucosa.

You container take in fruit – approximately 300 grams of fresh of fruit daily. But not all, melons, pears, watermelons and also grapes – are restricted, as they include excessive sugar. The very best option – apples and citrus fruits, they are actual buddies of the slendering individuals. It is suggested making fruit salads and fill them with yogurt. You can pay for vegetables, berries, dried out fruits and steamed meat.

The approximate menu:

Breakfast – 150 grams of yogurt, ONE HUNDRED grams of fruit, 30 grams of dried out fruit, 100 grams of juice.

Lunch – yoghurt, 100g of steamed meat, salad of tomatoes as well as cucumbers, 100 grams of juice.

Snack – vegetables dressed with yogurt.

Dinner – steamed veggies, yogurt, juice.