vegan dietTomato is an inexpensive as well as useful dietary item. It includes magnesium and potassium, necessary for the heart and also nerve system, vitamin C, a powerful anti-oxidant that influences all metabolic procedures in the body. Tomato is able to purify blood vessels, get rid of contaminants and cost-free radicals. Tomatoes are recommended to make use of for metabolic disorders. The constant use of tomatoes is the avoidance of specific kinds of cancer.

There are lots of diet plans that are based on tomatoes or tomato juice. Among the options is a fast diet. It permits you to lose 1-3 kg in a day. It can be used as fasting day – 1 day in a week. You can additionally eat these veggies for 1-2 days during the month. This mono-diet is extremely easy, but reliable. You will certainly need one and a half kilos of tomatoes each day. This number must be separated into 4 doses.

I likewise intend to supply a longer variation of the diet regimen on tomatoes. An essential factor – you could stay with a diet regimen no greater than 2 weeks. It assists shed about 5 additional kg, relying on the initial weight.

The approximate menu:

Breakfast: salad of tomatoes as well as two slices of brownish bread with a slim piece of cheese.

For a snack, eat some fruit.

Lunch: tomatoes or tomato juice, ONE HUNDRED grams of cooked rice or buckwheat, tossed salad, ONE HUNDRED grams of boiled fish.

Dinner: 100 grams of steamed beef, 50 grams of rice, a salad of tomatoes or a glass of tomato juice.

Different variations of the menu are permitted. Make use of a selection of low-calorie veggies for salads and constantly a whole lot of fresh herbs. For breakfast you could consume 1-2 chick eggs. You could alternative fish with white poultry meat. It is also possible to prepare tomato soup. The recipe is straightforward – take a bit of garlic and also tomatoes, fill them with water and boil for 5 mins. Add herbs to the finished dish.

It is also suggested to stew vegetables with great deals of tomatoes and also consume tomato juice without salt. The reality is that the amount of beneficial lycopene, which has a solid anti-inflammatory and also antitumor effect, is boosted in cooked tomatoes. Remember to limit using fats, covereds, salt, sugar, sweet drinks.

Good luck!