fruit dietThis diet regimen is suitable not only for summer season, it is simple to abide by it in cozy months. Vegetables and fruits are more beneficial throughout the harvest and are more readily available. The diet regimen is created for a week, and it is not really simple, but effective.

The principle of the diet remains in the following: you pick fruits as well as veggies that you like the most and also eat them throughout the day, for breakfast, lunch and also dinner. It is essential, at the end of the diet regimen you should not hurry to consume fat and also sweet. Aim to eat logically. You can utilize this diet regimen as soon as a month. This will certainly assist you to keep fit and slim down by 3-4 kg.

Every day of the diet regimen is different.

The first day – vegetable day. You can eat fresh vegetables in any kind of quantity during the day. Additionally, you should consume alcohol a lot of mineral water.

The second day— fruit. The entire day you should consume only your favored fruit. Separate them in 4 – 5 meals as well as eat the bigger part for lunch. If it will not be enough for you and you will feel hungry, it is permitted to consume alcohol a glass of low-fat yogurt or eat yogurt without fruit additives.

The third day – berry. As you could guess, you don’t eat anything yet berries in this day as well as drink just mineral water. Be careful, too much berries can cause indigestion.

The fourth day – fermented milk. Select any fermented beverage as well as eat in small sips throughout the day. If you have a solid sensation of cravings, it is permitted to consume a little low-fat cottage cheese with a little sugar.

The fifth day – once again veggie. Much like on the initial day, eat just veggies (try not to consume the exact same vegetables) and beverage mineral water.

The sixth day – berries once again. It is suggested to choose various other berries. Make certain to consume a complete glass of kefir prior to bedtime.

The seventh day – juices. It is the most challenging day in the diet plan. Throughout the day you should consume only juice – apple, grape or orange– for your choice, and absolutely nothing more.