Proper nutrition for every day
Proper nutrition, diet regimens and also sporting activities are the main fads for today. It’s remarkable that we finally deal with our health, as well as it matters not exactly what specifically inspire us – homage to fashion or sound judgment. On every edge you could listen to – eat correctly and also be slim and beautiful.

The concept of the proper nourishment originates from a basic formula – the power value ought to match to power costs of the organism. We could prevent diet plans as well as hunger if we maintain this in mind on a daily basis, and do not consider extreme measures obtaining overweight, or worse – obesity.

So, I suggest to your interest an example of healthy nourishment for every day. It could be called a light diet.


half cup of oat flakes.

125 ml of skimmed milk.

1 little/ tool banana or 100 g of fresh fruit salad.

herbal tea or coffee (no sugar, skim milk – 50 ml).


100 g nonfat cottage cheese.

a slice of rye bread.

1 small banana.

1 medium orange.

a glass of water or a dietetic drink.


a slice of wholemeal bread.

250 ml of vegetable soup or vegan borsch without addition of sour cream.

vegetable salad baseding on the complying with dish:

1 tool tomato, cucumber, lettuce, 5 olives, 2 teaspoons of nonfat mayonnaise.

1 apple.

1 glass of mineral water or juice.

tea, coffee – seldom (without sugar, skim milk 50 ml).

Afternoon snack

175 ml of nonfat yogurt.

1 glass of water or a dietetic drink.


1 baked skinless poultry breast.

1/3 cup of cooked brown rice.

salad of beets or cabbage salad with sweet corn, skilled with 2 tsps of olive or sunflower oil.

1 cup of herbal tea.