cholesterol dietLemon-honey diet regimen is challenging. It assures a great purifying of the body as well as weight loss of up to 2 kilos in 2 days. The average daily caloric content is 907 kcal. The diet is very fast and also lasts just for 2 days, however do not duplicate it greater than once a month. It aids the body to obtain nutrition due to the inner reserves of collected fat and get rid of the excess fluid from the organism.

Menu of such nutrition envisages a full being rejected of food throughout the day as well as its replacement by fluid with a high level of acidity. The recipe in the following – you require to blend 3 litres of non-mineralized and also non-carbonated water, fresh juice of 15 lemons, 50 grams of honey. Besides this beverage, you can consume alcohol normal non-mineralized and non-carbonated water or environment-friendly tea with no restrictions. Which’s all, absolutely nothing more is allowed.

Energy worth of the lemon-honey mixture is virtually equivalent to absolutely no – the fat burning is quick enough. A huge percent of citric acid in this blend could minimize the experience of appetite. Glucose as well as sucrose of honey, when it comes to absence of fats as well as proteins, provide intensive effective weight loss due to the body fat reserves.

It is recommended to get in touch with a medical professional or nutritional expert for those who have issues with the level of acidity in the microorganism, kidney illness and also some various other chronic diseases.