blood type diet‘Drying of the body’ is a popular system of nourishment, and it has actually long been known. This diet plan is aimed at eliminating the fat depositions as well as weight normalization, as well as an exceptional point – as quickly as possible.

The particularity of the diet plan is that you’re not merely dropping weight, but also minimizing the amount of the body fat with conservation of the muscle mass mass.

Therefore, this system is really popular amongst the men-bodybuilders that are interested in alleviation muscle mass, along with in the maximum elimination of fat. The modern-day woman is also aimed at chiseled figure.

Roughly talking, drying out of the body is carbohydrate starvation, to be more exact, progressive removal of carbs. Because an excess of sugar in instance of inadequate intake involves the development of fatty deposits, the rejection of such food ensures the malfunction of existing fats in order to give the energy required for the organism. Let’s discover out the major concepts of the diet.

Be involved in cardiovascular sports throughout this dietary program.

Eat fractionally, in little amounts, at a certain time of the day up to 4-5 times.

Drink more water/ green or ginger tea without sugar (2.5 liters per day).

Do not consume for 2 hrs before training and 2 hours after.

Do not skip breakfast.

Make dinner very light.

All food should be cooked in boiled, cooked or steamed form.

Don’t enable a sudden and also solid decrease of glucose to avoid complications.

Duration of the program is 6 weeks, and also by the end of the diet the carbohydrate intake need to be minimized.

You will have to abandon fruits as well as pet fats, and the all protein foods must be consumed only fat-free. In addition, the prohibited items include convenience food, bread, pastries, smoked meats, maintains, savory food, soda and alcohol.

The basis of your ration is protein food: egg white, boiled squids, chicken breast, cottage cheese, white fish. Morning is the moment for oatmeal, buckwheat, rye pasta, cucumbers, cabbage, eco-friendlies, tomatoes, beans, bell pepper. The total amount of permitted carbs is no even more compared to 2 gram each kg of the body weight daily for the very first 2 weeks of the diet plan. Later on, it is lowered to 1 gram each kg of the body weight per day.

It is necessary to period the food with tiny quantities of veggie cold-pressed oils. For the initial time, you can consume a little whole-wheat bread, while the body is not useded to leave it.

If it is very tough for you without carbs, it is permitted to have a treat of 1 apple or half a grapefruit a day for the initial week of drying.

The approximate menu


Breakfast: oat meal, 2 egg whites, a cup of tea.

Lunch: boiled chick breast, salad of cucumbers.

Afternoon snack: a tiny part of buckwheat.

Dinner: fish with stewed cabbage.


Breakfast: eggs with tomatoes, tea.

Lunch: beans stewed with hen breast, greens.

Afternoon snack: cottage cheese with kefir.

Dinner: buckwheat with steamed chicken breast.


Breakfast: omelet of 2 egg whites, cucumber, tea.

Lunch: soup with mushrooms, boiled hen, greens.

Afternoon snack: salad of cucumbers, bell peppers.

Dinner: steamed fish, cabbage salad.

Important: if you have conditions of liver and kidneys, conditions of heart and also gastrointestinal tract, or you have deficiency of muscular tissue mass, such a diet is restricted for you.