Ballet professional dancer like nothing else plainly watches her figure. All dancers have their very own approaches of slimming or the means to remain in tone, yet there are still fundamental dietary guidance which could coincide.

These suggestions could work as fundamental concepts of nourishment and also as a method of urgent weight-loss or prophylaxis after the bountiful holiday table.

So, here are the basic rules:

– your usual offering of food has to be divided right into two,

– on a daily basis you need to eat soup without bread, spices as well as treats,

– it is not advised to combine fish and also meat in one meal,

– it is essential to choose milk products with a really low fat material, as well as even such milk has to be diluted with water or ice,

– mayo should be omitted. It is enabled to cook it on your own, but without yolks and salt, you could add 1/3 of nonfat yogurt right into the finished sauce,

– you must forget salt, attempt to change it with soy sauce as well as use it for flavoring the completed meals,

– beverage water a minimum of Thirty Minutes before meal and not earlier compared to 1 hr after it,

– it is needed to drink a 1.5-2 liters of non-carbonated mineral water each day (in summer season two litres, in other periods – one and a half).

It’s not a rigorous diet, there are no horrible prescriptions, there are no appetite strikes, which are connected to ballerinas, but these suggestions will help you to maintain on your own in shape.