diverticulitis dietBlueberry is an actual storehouse of nutrients and also a beneficial medicinal plant. Medical properties of leaves and also fruits of blueberry have actually long been shown. I have actually already stated that these berries are useful for boosting memory as well as vision. To name a few impressive top qualities, the ability to melt body fat in the abdominal area is another beneficial attribute that was opened recently.

This delicious berry has no fat, salt and also cholesterol. Blueberry important in that it includes ascorbic acid, potassium, manganese as well as fiber useful for the digestive system. This is an exceptional nutritional product that promotes weight loss.

Blueberry diet plan is seasonal. Obviously, blueberry is readily available year-round in frozen kind and through natural blueberry juice. Blueberry commonly consists of traces of chemicals, which can damage the liver and also nervous system. It is very important to choose the correct blueberries, and preferably in the season of its maturation. In July as well as August in the woods, you can discover the ripe and also juicy blueberries, lugging a big benefit for people. This diet plan lasts for three days. Throughout this brief period of time, you could shed as much as 3 kilos of excess weight. It is very important to keep in mind that the slimmed down will certainly not return.

Your daily food selection need to include 3-4 cups of blueberries, 250 grams of low-fat natural yogurt and also 500 ml of kefir.

The approximate food selection of the blueberry diet plan for every single day is in the following:


Mix ONE HUNDRED grams of home cheese and also a fifty percent cup of blueberries, include one tsp of sour lotion. You can likewise drink a mug of yogurt.

For a snack, mix a fifty percent glass of kefir with a cup of blueberries.


Mix 100 grams of home cheese and a fifty percent cup of blueberries, add one tsp of sour cream. You could consume alcohol a glass of kefir.

Dining snack:

Make a mixed drink. For this function, mix ONE HUNDRED grams of yogurt in a blender or food processor with half a cup of blueberries and also drink.


The mixed drink again. Mix half a mug of kefir in a blender with half a mug of blueberries and drink.

Before bedtime, mix half a glass of kefir in a blender or food processor with half a cup of blueberries as well as drink.

Blueberry completely avoids skin flabbiness thanks to collagen. It has a low caloric worth (1/2 cup of berries has merely 40 calories) and also offers the body a whole lot of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. Furthermore, these berries additionally function as a mild laxative and quicken the job of bowel.