It’s clear that celebrity diet regimens could be a little bit unorthodox– and also while there are a lot of celebs ready to go a lengthy way for an in shape body, there are constantly those that take it too far. Given the intense quantities of supposition these public numbers face daily, it’s not surprising that they’ll count on such extreme dietary steps to keep their weight in check.

Read on for 8 instances of outrageous– and also often harmful — celebrity diet plans that we won’t be attempting whenever soon.

1. Raw Egg and Milk Diet

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“I have been told my eating practices are definitely unusual,” Marilyn Monroe informed Pageant Publication in 1952. Considered that Monroe consumed raw eggs whipped in warmer milk every morning for breakfast, being informed as much barely ought to have come as a surprise to her.

That’s right: Among the world’s most cherished 20th century pinup ladies started her days off with 2 raw eggs split right into a pan of warm milk, records New york city Publication. That mixture was then mixed right into a foamy, flavorless mess of healthy proteins that was expected to maintain her up until dinnertime. Of course, Monrow’s diet plan wasn’t all disadvantages: She covered off each night with a hot fudge sundae.

2. The Air Diet

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Yes, you check out that appropriately. Do we actually have to adorn this with a description? The diet regimen’s concept originates from Breatharianism– the idea that humans could make it through on sunshine alone, composes the International Business Times. The diet regimen does urge its followers to subsist on a salt and water soup combination for ideal outcomes. Evidently, this purely limited “dish” plan was enticing sufficient to attract big stars like Madonna.

3. The Fruitarian Diet


Ashton Kutcher took on the Fruitarian diet as a way of obtaining into character for the 2013 Steve Jobs biopic, Jobs. Steve Jobs vouched by a Fruitarian diet regimen, which supports that a minimum of 75 % of a person’s daily nutritional consumption must come from raw fruit, specifies U.S. News and World Credit report. In Kutcher’s instance, it took just a month prior to the fruit-based diet sent him to the Unexpected emergency Area with an irritated pancreas.

4. The HCG Diet

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Hint: When it pertains to weight loss, infusing on your own with fertility bodily hormones is about as enjoyable as it is effective. That is to say, it’s neither– but that didn’t quit celebrities like Laura Prepon from providing the HCG diet a shot! Dieters are infused with the bodily hormone HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin)– which occurs normally in the human body throughout pregnancy– while staying with a 500-calorie day-to-day food intake, records WebMD. Unsurprisingly, the diet plan is not recommended by the FDA as well as the hormonal agent itself have not been revealed to have any kind of real effect on weight loss.

5. The Werewolf Diet

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In potentially the strangest departure from truth of them all, the Werewolf Diet regimen encourages its followers to base their consuming behaviors on the lunar calendar. From just what we could inform, the diet regimen does not (always) call for the uncontrollable lupine rage of a monster– rather, Time reports that Werewolf Dieters have a less-than-supernatural method to weight loss.

Individuals can try a 24-hour juice immediately throughout a full or brand-new moon– or, they can opt for the extensive plan. Dieters on the extensive plan follow the juice fast, after that adhere to certain eating regimens representing the stages of the moon pattern. Stars such as Demi Moore and also Madonna have actually attempted the Monster Diet regimen, creates Shape.

6. Victoria’s Secret Diet

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It’s a wonder that Supermodel Adriana Lima doesn’t faint out there on the runway: Lima sticks to a limiting diet plan all year to keep her figure– it’s part of the task– but in the 9 days leading up to a Victoria’s Secret Style Program, the model limits herself to only healthy protein shake mixtures, which include powdered eggs. Lima stays away entirely from solids throughout this duration– and 12 hrs before showtime, she’ll also cut herself off from liquids.

7. The Drunk Diet

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Lady Gaga’s ex-beau Lüc Carl advocates what he calls The Drunk Diet plan, having presumed in order to release a publication on the subject. Fitbie notes that Gaga herself will guzzle scotch while she functions, yet maintains a steady dedication to working out, also when faced with a hangover. Whether this is a serious way of living or a publicity stunt, we’re certain. In either case, we’re not lured to attempt it.

8. The Baby Food Diet

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A-listers Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, and also Reese Witherspoon have been connected — presumably– to this so-crazy-it-just-might-work diet strategy, in which dieters wolf down puréed peas, carrots, as well as other baby-friendly fare. Resources like The Daily Monster observe that although these miniature dishes do offer particular health and wellness advantages, they won’t offer adequate dietary value for a mature adult.

Chances are you discovered how to eat solids a very long time earlier. Make the most of those chompers!