Whether from running, non-stop tasks, unpleasant shoes, or other offender, we’ve all experienced foot pain at one point or an additional. To assist battle it, we got the maker of the MELT Approach, a self-treatment strategy that helps individuals relieve persistent discomfort, Sue Hitzmann, MS, CST, NMT, and asked her to show us some workouts that we can do to strengthen our feet.

1. Mini soft ball treatment


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Stand that your feet side-by-side, hip-width apart. Close your eyes and also see your feet. Check up your legs as well as notice your joints and also muscular tissues and whether there’s any tension in the body.

Position point pressing

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Step onto a big soft ball (part of the MELT Hand as well as Foot Therapy Package) in the center of the undersurface of your foot. That your feet side-by-side, hip-width apart, carefully shift your weight on and also off the round 2 to 3 times to locate bearable pressure. Apply bearable pressure to that point as you take a focused breath. Put the round merely in front of your heel. Apply bearable pressure as you take a concentrated breath.


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Keeping your toes on the flooring, gradually relocate the round back and forth before the heel. Move back and forth as you work your means to the rear of the heel then back to where you started.

Direct Shear

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With the ball just before your heel, wiggle your foot delegated right with a somewhat much heavier compression. The round must hardly move. Hold the compression as well as take 2 focused breaths.


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Place the ball directly under the big toe knuckle. Apply tolerable compression to that point, after that push the sphere toward your heel in a continual movement that constant pressure. Raise your foot to relocate to the following knuckle. Repeat from each one.


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Finally, scrub your foot and also toes over the round lightly in a quick, scribble-like activity for regarding 10 to 15 seconds.


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Close your eyes and also discover whether you sense any adjustments in your leg. Repeat all the methods on the other foot.

2. Take a friction break

If you have much less compared to a minute, utilize the big soft round and rub your foot and toes over the sphere gently in a quick, scribble-like motion for 20 secs, then switch over feet. This gets up the feet and stimulates the sensory nerves, the lymphatic system, and the superficial connective tissue.

3. Build your foot strength

Place your huge soft round on the floor and attempt to get it that your huge toe as well as second toe. After that move the round under your second and third toes– after that 3rd and also four toes, and also 4th and fifth toes– and repeat the move.

4. Strengthen your arches

Lie on your back that your knees curved as well as your feet hip-width apart and also in line with your sits bones. Keeping the soles of your feet on the flooring, slowly open your knees as large as you can without raising the heels or the balls of the feet. Time out and take a concentrated breath, then gradually bring your knees back with each other. Do 5 repetitions.